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Pam Letter

Hi Pam,

I still feel bad when I think about Kate, though I hope my contraption did
add a little to her last days on earth. Since I saw you we also lost a
child, so I know to the core some of the suffering you have been through.
best part of our grief is knowing our children are safe with Heavenly
Father, but how can we not miss them?

They are praying for us too, you know.

From time to time I meet someone who needs a machine but has limited funds
to buy a new one. I have one such customer right now. He lives in
Washington state. A carpenter. He fell off his roof and broke his back.
He’s been in a wheelchair for about a year and a half now. Feeling is
coming back to his legs and we both think it’s time to do some serious
walking. So I’m looking for a used LiftWalker. There are actually a
couple of other machines available in California, but they are quite new.
Kate’s is the only one with a few miles on it. Though, knowing Kate’s
fragile situation she can’t have used it very hard. Think you might want
to sell it?

If you do, I hope this offer doesn’t offend you. I’m sure it’s worth
more, but if you would consider taking a thousand dollars for Kate’s
machine then I think I can make the whole deal work for this guy up north.
Plus I can get something for my part too. I know Kate probably didn’t
put one scratch on her contraption, but I still need to go through it
thoroughly and put it in as good a shape as possible. I’m sure
the batteries are gone by now, and maybe a few other parts will need
cleaning or replacing. I have to disassemble, re-polish, and lubricate,
etc. But these machines last a long time so I’m sure it’s basically fine.
And I have to adapt the power switch for this man to use it on his own.
Mainly I have to make sure you and he are happy campers. So,
anyway, I know a thousand will work for us, but if it doesn’t for you then
just say so and I’ll see if I and the carpenter can do better. But that’s
what I can do for sure today.

I will hope to hear from you soon. Please let me know your thoughts.


P.S. I have updated the website a little bit. You might want to visit.
And if you have any pictures of Kate in her contraption I would love to
post them.

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